Suggested Coastal Kayaking areas @ Emsworth:

chichester harbour map



Beginners - Zone A

This area can be covered with a 1 hour hire
Head out from the launching Beach, cross over the bay to Town Jetty. On your return turn left up to Dolphin Quay, then back to the launch Beach.
Usable 2 hrs +/- High tide



single launchArea markers: From the edge of the launch beach, 100 meters (approx.) past the Marina Entrance (on your left) Keep within the red marked navigation poles.

Notes: Beach access is shallow and firm pebble. Be aware of boats entering or leaving the marina. Keep away from the weir…


Explore the channel down to Dolphin Quay…


OR go across to the Town Quay jetty. Keep within the channel markers which are red and green.







Point of interest

Old wood pilings from the victorian oyster beds. Do not cross beyond the sailing’s very muddy! Your boundary is the large red Echo Beacon pole.



Intermediate - Area B:

This area can be covered with a 2 hour hire

Turn left of the Marina to Fisherman's Beacon in the middle of the bay and Fowey Island directly opposite.
Usable 2hrs +/- High tide

Area markers: From the launching beach turn left past the White Deckhouses...


down the edge of estuary. At the Military Gate on the footpath cross over to Fowey Island. Keep your eye on the white stilt deckhouses.

Notes: Be aware of boats and give them a clear passage by staying out of the navigation channel. Be aware of mooring buoys, the wake of motor boats and mud banks which appear at lower tides.

yachtsA good rest up area would be the public jetty on the southern edge of your zone…



Advanced - Zone C:

This area can be covered with a 4 hour hire

The Seal colony...


They can be spotted at low tide opposite the large grey military hanger on Thorney Island and the two yellow cross beacons (denoting underwater electric cables) towards Hayling Island.
Usable 2hrs +/- High tide

Area markers: This area is fairly well self-contained and the outer edges are visible at most states of the tide. Seals visible on both East and West estuary banks at low tide. Keep a safe distance from the seals and ONLY STAY FOR A MAXIMUM OF 10 MINUTES.

Good awareness of tide times and the wind/current changes in the channel. Remember you will be going out with the tide but returning against the tide.

The boundary edge of the zone is Langstone and the Hayling Island bridge. The Ship and the Royal Oak are excellent watering and food stops but remember to keep an eye on the tide and your kayaks should never be left unattended.

Have fun and stay safe!