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Remember... We want you to be safe and have fun

When participating in an outdoor environment the safety of your group is our main priority. With this in mind all of the activities that are offered and undertaken have been assessed for the risks that they present



The weather and a change in the environment/sea state will affect your time on the water. It isi mportant to use good judgement in keeping safe on the water and depends on the experienceof your group, their age and their comfort; please consider these points when you are out on the water. If in any doubt...come back!



There are numerous safe havens should you need them in an emergency:


Safe havens will be marked on the map provided with accompanying emergency contacts in theKayak storage bag.


♦ Town Quay Jetty - available at all states of tide.


♦ Visitors Pontoon - within the main channel available at all states of tide.


If in doubt;

If the tidal current is too strong paddle to the edge of the channel by the footpath and white deckhouses...... It will be less strong there.

Deckhouse slipway - pebble beach at low tide but an easy walk to the marina.

If you run out of tide simply follow the channel by foot to the Marina. You might need to carry them but that means you have severely misjudged your timings and we would have found you by then..... so don't panic.