safety first

Timed sessions and Return procedure stopwatch


Your set off and expected return time will be recorded. You will be met at the end of yoursession to return the equipment, so please call if you are going to be back early or delayed.If the expected time on the water has passed and there has been no communication from yourgroup, then we will call to find out where you are.


lostLost Group Procedure


If you or your group are lost or need help, please refer to the map and emergency card.Should we not hear from you or your group after the return time has passed, we will make contact on the given mobile number, if no reply we will make a full visual search of all designated zones, if not sighted we will take the following steps:


♦ Contact Chichester Harbour patrol

Contact RNLI

Contact Police


Your Responsibilities

  Please respect other water users

  Please keep a safe distance from boats

  Please show consideration to our wildlife and natural habitat (please refer to the attached code of conduct)

  Please take all of your rubbish home with you.